Bottled Water Vs Tap Water

Bottled water is basically purified tap water (e.g. distilled water, well water, pure mineral water, or even spring water) packed in glass or plastic water bottles. The water is then packaged and sold to the end consumer. Many people think that bottled water is purified; however, the only way that bottled water stays clean is through the simple process of reverse osmosis where the bottled water is passed through a distiller, which essentially “cleans” the liquid before it is packaged.

Bottled Water An Incredibly Easy Method That Works For All

As a result, most of the bottled water on the market is nothing but toxic waste. Some companies advertise that their bottled water is “proved safe for human consumption” but this is untrue. According to the 2021 study by the Environmental Protection Agency, “There is insufficient evidence to link ingesting [the bottled water product] with negative health consequences for adults.” In fact, the EPA recommends that the bottled water industry be held responsible for any health damages or deaths caused by the products that they sell. The report states, “The lack of evidence linking ingesting [the bottled water product] with negative health consequences makes it unreasonable to base the safety of ingestion on evidence from studies of ill health.”

According to the 2021 study, “itoneal adenocarcinoma (cancer of the abdomen) and renal cell carcinoma (cancer of the renal cells) are the two most common malignancies that are associated with Drink Cool [the bottled water product]. One in three children is likely to develop ovarian adenocarcinoma while one in five people are likely to develop renal cell carcinoma. Also, a number of other types of cancer have been associated with drinking [the bottled water product]. The ingredients contained in the bottle can actually make you more vulnerable to cancer.