How Dabbing Tools Work

dabbing tools

When you hear the word dabbing tools, many people automatically think of a gun or some other device that is used to apply a variety of different kinds of adhesives onto different kinds of clothing, or whatever else you might want to dab the material on. While this is one way that dabbing tools can be used, it is not the only way. Dabbing Tools are the ones that do the actual work. Whether it is a gun or some other tool, the job that needs to be done is not the only way. The tools are the ones that do all of the hard work, by applying the adhesive to whatever it needs to go on.

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Dabbing Tools include things such as adhesives, tools, grinders, benders and more. These items are commonly used by professional painters in their studios, as well as at home. Dabbing Tools include things like e-strings, needles, carb cap, nails, adhesives, adhesive guns, masks, sponges, etc. Although it seems complicated, it is not. It all just comes down to following the proper procedure with the correct dabbing tools.


Good dabbing tools should have a round nose with a flat edge, a long handle, a ring for the carb cap and the tip of the needle. The carb cap helps to keep the material it is applied to from sticking to the needle. The needle also has a ring on it to help with getting the nail to stick into the material. A mask is used to help with breathing while the process is going on, and an air flow meter is used to see how much material is being heated up.

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